Bee Removal

“There’s nothing greener than a honeybee”
We are dedicated to rescuing honeybees who have taken up residents in the walls and soffits, of homes and businesses.
We then relocate the bees and the brood comb to rescue sanctuaries along the front range.
We are proud to operate the number one honeybee rescue operation in the country.
We are, also dedicated to teaching children and adults the importance of honeybees and pollination to feed the world.
We can be reached by phone (720-934-6176), email (, or use our contact page.
Why is proper removal so important?
When you spray honeybees with pesticides it kills the bees but leaves all the honey comb for mice and insects to eat and leave thier droppings behind.
moth infestation
The abandon comb attracts the local greater moth.(Wax moth) to infest and lay hundreds of eggs.
Have you spotted a swarm?
If you have found a swarm, please contact (720-934-6176) us immediately! Swarms can be removed and “Re-Homed” to a place where they are wanted and needed! Honey bees are an important part of our ecosystem and everything we can do to protect them will be helpful!